About Us

The CyberCity Story

CyberCity School started as an initiative by a group of software engineers in Ghana to create an environment or ecosytem of software developers.

Our vision is to create a city full of game changers in futuristic technologies by impacting skills into people. A school specifically dedicated to teaching people how to code and be prepared for the future we are already witnessing.

Why CyberCity is the best?

CyberCity school provides hands-on approach to learning how to develop software solutions. Our Instructors are experts in a field of computer programming and have a track record of helping others to learn how to code in the easiest and faster way

CyberCity ensures all students who undertake the courses are well vested for employment in any firm or create their own business.

CyberCity courses

Our courses structured in a more dynamic approach teaching our students more software methodologies, modern programming languages and frameworks and international coding standards.

We provide flexible course levels from beginners to advanced. Also, students who complete the course at every level is awarded a certificate just to recognize your skill achievement

What makes us different?

We believe in ourselves to ensure students have the required skills in 12-weeks by employing a direct instructor-student practical apporoach in teaching coding or software development skills.

Our course cost is the cheapest in the region whiles still maintaining quality in teaching and impacting skills.


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